Why Build A Custom Pool? Here Are 4 GREAT Reasons.

Let Lagniappe Pools make your dreams come true with a custom in-ground pool and dream outdoor backyard. Below are just a few reasons why you should purchase a backyard pool from locally owned Lagniappe pools. 


  1. Physical Exercise from Your Own Home- 


One of the top benefits of owning a swimming pool is being able to improve your health and physical fitness. Swimming offers a ton of benefits including elevating your heart rate, reducing stress, burning calories, weight loss, and simply tiring out your hyper kiddos.  



  1. No Need to Worry About Your Pool Getting Shut Down 


During the recent pandemic, many public pools and HOA controlled pools were shut down due to safety risk. By having your own pool, you have control over when your pool is open. Give your family something to look forward every day with a custom-built pool from Lagniappe Pools.  


  1. Save Money and Time 


By having a pool in your own backyard, your kids will feel less of a need to want to leave your home during the summer months. Think of how much money and time you will save not having to go to the local waterpark. You’ll also save money on costly theme park snacks and be able to entertain family and friends.  


  1. Increase Your Home Value 


Most homeowners in Texas will have a pool at the top of their “musts list” when shopping for a new house. In fact, adding a swimming pool can increase the value of your home by as much as 7%. Not only will your home have more value, but it could also be the difference between selling and not selling your home in a competitive market.  




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